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Stuck with clutter? Let junk pick up and hauling in Tucson be a job for the crew at Speedway Junk Removal!

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Speedway Junk Removal is the company you can rely on for junk pick up in Tucson, AZ. Skip the hassles of DIY junk removal in Tucson and let us come to your aid instead!

Having to pick up all your junk and load it into a rental truck is bad enough. Proceeding to wait in line at the Los Reales Landfill is just even more time-consuming. Shouldn’t you be using that time for something fun? Consider having our full-service crew do all the work for you!

How Tucson Junk Pick Up Works

How does our junk pick up process work? It’s simple. You just show us the junk, and we make it go away!

  • Timely arrival. First things first, you can count on us to show up on time during your appointment’s 2-hour arrival window.
  • Upfront quote. We will determine how much junk you need to get rid of and then pass you our upfront quote for the job.
  • Junk hauling. After you give us your signature for the quote, we will express the junk off your property and onto our truck.
  • Disposal. We practice eco-friendly junk removal, meaning we will recycle your junk when we can and also donate lightly used items.
Our Services

We are the trusted source of junk removal, no matter what sort of junk you’re trying to get rid of.

  • Getting rid of heavy clutter is tough, such as unwanted appliances or ugly furniture. Don’t worry, though. Our crew can do the heavy lifting.
  • Is your construction site riddled with waste? Sounds like you could use our help. Let us swing by and collect all that construction debris for you.
  • We also provide clean out services for property-wide junk removal jobs, and our light demolition pros can even tear down your unwanted structures.

Be sure to see all of our junk removal services!

Contact Us Today

We are open seven days a week so you can get rid of junk whenever it is most convenient for you!

  • Contact us online. Give us a quick service request using our online contact form and claim an appointment the fast and easy way.
  • Call 520-600-6347. One of our phone staff will be happy to answer your call and arrange an appointment day that best suits your needs.


Speedway Junk Removal isn’t a franchise, but instead a small business that is proud to serve its community. Choosing us over a franchise is a great decision because you’ll get to give your local economy a boost and support your neighbors. Compare that to choosing a franchise that funnels your money out of the state, and the correct option is clear as day!

Just because you’re not choosing a nationwide chain doesn’t mean you’re sacrificing professionalism. In fact, you’ll find that we’re more put-together than the “other guys”. It’s because we have a real passion for what we do and serving our local clients. See all our service areas.


Call 520-600-6347 or email [email protected] for an instant service quote!

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